Corporate Profile

    Ikkuma Resources Corp is a diversified junior public oil and gas company listed on the TSX-V under the symbol "IKM", with holdings in both conventional and unconventional projects in Western Canada. The technical team has worked together for over a decade in the Foothills Region of Western Canada, through two successful, publicly traded companies. The unique skills and repeat success at exploiting a complex, potentially prolific play type are fundamental ingredients for a successful growth-oriented company in Western Canada.  

    Our Approach to the Foothills Business

    Our approach to foothills business has to be unique in a geologically challenging area. The multidisciplinary Ikkuma team has worked together for over 15 years and executed hundreds of drilling operations through more than $1 billion of CAPEX. The business recipe has been applied with success in domestic and international foothills E&P programs. It is simply this:

    • Technical and financial discipline is fundamental in a geologically complex area.
    • Each well has to be diligently planned from initial well placement through spud to completion, and geological and engineering teams work very closely through the entire process.  
    • Geosteering is a learned operational skill and requires experienced drilling engineers, structural geologists, supervisors, and field staff collaborating 24/7, particularly during horizontal drilling operations
    • Ikkuma works closely with industry partners in the design and application of new downhole tool design to deliver the most cost effective operations. End products of the industry partnership have delivered leading edge drilling tools to the industry, both domestically and internationally. 

    The technically demanding foothills area has become a barrier to entry for most companies that do not have this internal skillset. As a result, Ikkuma enjoys best-in-class, full cycle economics, and can build a unique growth oriented company through conventional oil and gas pools in the foothills of Alberta and BC.


    The company name has been changed from PanTerra Resource Corp. to Ikkuma Resources Corp. (Certificate of Amendment) which is listed on the TSXV (IKM).


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